VivaCut MOD APK v3.4.6 Download (Pro Unlocked) for Android

The finest video editing app for smartphones is Vivacut Pro, since it was developed with mobile users in mind. You won’t have trouble learning to use this app because of its excellent user interface and well-organized features. Because of this, Vivacut mod apk has been downloaded millions of times worldwide, and its users have expressed nothing but praise for the app’s services and editing capabilities. This video editor allows you to create various videos for sharing on social media.


Having the Vivacut mod apk on your smartphone means you’ll never have to download another video editing app again. This app has everything you need to mix videos and edit them without ever having to leave the app. Vivacut includes everything you need to make creative videos, so you can effortlessly work on your various ideas with this app.

The Vivacut Pro mod Apk is highly recommended by users and critics, earning it a spot in the top 10 video editing applications. The app’s developers have optimised it highly, so you never have to worry about slowdowns. They also provide regular updates with fresh material that may be used in the editing process. Let’s go on to talk about the app’s other features.

If you’re looking for a powerful app to edit your films and images, go no further; Viva Video is the greatest video editor out there. Vivacut mod apk is the finest alternative to other video editors since it has everything you need for editing in a single app. If you’re looking for comprehensive editing options, Viva Cut editor has you covered.

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Millions of people have downloaded Vivacut mod apk because it is the greatest video editor available. VivaCut may be downloaded on the internet without cost, and it is simple to use. VivaCut has many great features already built in, but the greatest part is its intuitive UI. Because of its fantastic optimization, VivaCut is a favourite among users. VivaCut has many awesome extras, but you’ll first have to shell out some cash to use the pro capabilities.

The use of video is becoming increasingly important on all social networking sites. Many people struggle to maintain objectivity while deciding which video editing tool is the best since video editing has become so crucial for every content producer or social media user. The video audience nowadays wants more editing and professional tools in the video, therefore, video editors need more than just blending and filtering. If you want your films to seem professional, you need access to a top-notch video editor.

The most popular app, Vivacut mod apk, has fantastic capabilities that will come in handy whether you’re making a birthday video or a vlog for YouTube. This app has a straightforward video editor. The created video is of a higher quality and may be used on a phone; both are useful. This editor has everything you need to make videos. This video-editing app has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play store.

What is Vivacut Pro APK?

You can get the free, barebones version of the Vivacut Pro APK from various sources online and in app stores. This paid edition grants full access to the app and includes premium features such as additional tools.

So, the pro version of Vivacut costs money and must be bought separately. There are advertisements in this video editing tool, so you should expect to see a lot of pop-up windows and short videos.

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What is Vivacut Pro Mod APK?

Here’s how you can acquire the full commercial edition of VivaCut without spending a dime. One-click will take you to the modded version of this App that we have hosted here on our site. As the mod is a free version, the vivacut pro mod apk is included in this build at no cost.

Only in the modded version of this app do you have access to all of the paid additions. The modified version has a bonus unavailable in the unmodified, free version. The absence of advertisements in the mod version means you won’t have to worry about being bothered by them.

Vivacut mod apk is the most downloaded version of the app for a good reason: it has all of the features that video editors could ever need. First of all, Vivacut mod apk is the ideal solution to this problem if you dislike advertising that shows on your device, and second of all, Vivacut mod apk is a completely unlocked version of the app, which means that you will use the entire application without spending a dime.

Mod applications are designed to do one thing and do it well: make formerly premium content available at no cost. If you’ve downloaded VivaCut from the Google Play store, you may have noticed that some of the app’s functions need payment to access them. However, the Mod APK version of VivaCut makes nearly all of the app’s features freely accessible.

Vivacut Pro Mod APK Features

Epic video effects

It’s a given that Vivacut Pro offers advanced video effects that you won’t find in other video editing apps, making it an essential download. You may create movies for TikTok and other platforms using its finest trading video effects. In your films, you may quickly utilize video effects like dynamic, shockwave, light scan, thunder, smoke, and many more. The fantastic user interface of this app has made it extremely simple for everyone to use this function.

Builtin templates

This app contains hundreds of premade projects to help you get started, giving you a wide variety of options for giving your films something special. To top it all off, these video project templates are completely free to use. Categories of templates will include music, TikTok, VIP, live, action, and many more.

To use one of these templates, you must find video clips that fit the bill and drop them into your chosen format. In these cases, your video will be ready with little modification. Several ready-to-go projects are available for download as well.

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Color toning

Till now, this has been Vivacut mod apk Pro’s crowning achievement; no other tool offers color toning choices on par with Vivacut. This advanced functionality allows you complete control over colour settings across your films. If you’re an expert using this feature, you can rest easy knowing that it features an automated colour tone option that will make everything seem great. You may adjust each channel’s hue, saturation, and brightness at once to achieve the desired effect in your video.

3D effects and transitions

Many enjoy Vivacut Pro because it is the only app with realistic 3D video effects. All effects and transitions are of professional quality, and the program’s distinctive 3D transitions will help your film stand out.

The app has a shop where you can purchase and download these effects to use in your films, and it often receives updates that provide even more material. Choose your media files (videos and images), then apply the effect of your choice. The good news is that you are not limited in any way to how many times you may edit your project.

Make collages

The vivacut pro mod apk contains the greatest templates for collage videos, allowing you to create something special. It offers a wide variety of collage templates from which to pick. There will be no difficulty in your ability to create collage videos. There is no restriction on the number of videos you can use in collage frames. As it provides comprehensive tools for high-quality editing, you may do your own video post-production work with it. Use vibrant hues and interesting transitions in your video collages.

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Save high-quality videos

You can save your edited Vivacut Pro films in stunning 4K resolution with a single tap. This fantastic video editor also provides a setting where you may customize the video quality to your liking; several alternatives exist. Create viral videos for your social media accounts with Vivacut Pro’s features.

Free pro version

As was previously noted, the Vivacut pro version requires payment to unlock its full features, however, the Vivacut mod version is available at no cost. The pro edition of the Vivacut apk is not free, but the mod version includes a special function that saves you money to obtain it for free. All premium features and choices are unlocked in this modded version. The modified version can enjoy the full Pro version without spending a dime.

Get all premium tools

If you have the hacked version of the Vivacut Pro Mod Apk, you can use all of the paid premium features without spending a dime. The Vivacut Pro’s premium features are included in the mod version at no cost. Only the modded version of this video editor is completely free to use. If you’re looking for the most advanced and feature-rich editing app, go no further than Vivacut Pro.

Exciting Tools

When it comes to video editing, Viva Cut is without a peer. Several fantastic options are available in this editor to help you create a video that looks both cool and professional. You may modify the length, width, and height of your films and the pace at which they play, and even add text to them.

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Amazing Themes and Effects

VivaCut is one of the greatest theme libraries out there if that’s what you’re after in a video editor. Because the VivaCut editor includes a dedicated section for themes, with many categories to choose from, finding the perfect theme for your film is a breeze. Using this editor, you may add stunning visual effects to your films to make them stand out.

Multiple Frames and Amazing Fonts

Regarding attractive layouts and trendy fonts, VivaCut never lets you down. The VivaCut editor has access to hundreds of different frames. The needs of your video will dictate the frames you employ. In the VivaCut editor, you may choose from various fonts. Save the fonts to your computer, which only takes a few seconds. If you’re looking for a comprehensive editing solution, go no further than VivaCut.

Built-in Music Feature

VivaCut music tool is one of its most popular draws since it allows users to replace or remove the video’s original soundtrack with custom music. You may utilize any of the hundreds of free songs with VivaCut, or you can extract music from your media library or picture gallery to use in your videos.

Transition Effects

If you want your video to stand out from the crowd, utilize VivaCut’s outstanding transition effects to give it something special. Hundreds of free transition effects are available in VivaCut. VivaCut Video’s transition effects will keep you entertained for hours.

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Save Videos in High Resolution

Worrying about the quality of your videos after you have finished editing them with Viva Video is unnecessary, as VivaCut will always save them in the highest quality resolution possible. Download VivaCut Editor to reduce video quality and save space.

No Watermark

If you’re not interested in having the VivaCut APK watermark appear on your edited movies like some users are, then the VivaCut mod apk is for you.

Free from Ads

As VivaCut mod apk does not have advertisements, users don’t have to worry about them popping up on screen while they’re working. With the VivaCut modded APK installed on your smartphone, you can now edit your movies in peace without being interrupted by annoying in-app advertisements. You’re in the middle of editing your video when a mindless commercial ad pops up, ruining all the good vibes you were feeling and squashing any innovative ideas you had. As there will no longer be any advertisements when using this version, you will no longer have to worry about this happening again.

Ads are a constant distraction, especially while trying to edit a movie in peace, but with the modded version, you’ll never have to worry about it again. Users of the modded version of the apk enjoy uninterrupted gaming because there are no annoying pop-up adverts or video ads to sit through. Video editing is now a breeze with this updated version.

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No Subscription Required

The VivaCut mod apk is the full, unlocked version of the game. By downloading the VivaCut modded APK, you can access the app’s editing features, including the paid premium ones that normally cost a membership but are now free. This is why VivaCut mod apk is so popular; it allows users to unlock the app’s features without shelling out any cash.


Not all mod apk versions include an anti-ban function, meaning an app might be banned at any moment. But VivaCut’s anti-ban feature means that users who install the editor’s modded version need never worry about that happening.

Chroma Key

Here, you may swap out the picture or video’s backdrop for a more cinematic scene, transforming your home film into something straight out of Hollywood. Green screen editing is another name for this type of editing.

Keyframe Animation

Your movie will look more dynamic and interesting if you use one of the various animation tools available. A video may seem more professional by adding a mask, a collage, and stickers or emoticons. Linear, radical, round, mirror, and many more masks exist.

Professional Text

To make your films look more polished and professional, you may now add text using this function. This fantastic resource is not limited to the body of a video; it may also be used as an introduction to other videos (such as those uploaded to YouTube) to wow visitors.

VivaCut MOD APK Download (Pro Unlocked) for Android

Music Maker

You may customize the sound of your music using this function. You may add audio effects to your videos and use many music samples to make them more entertaining.

Video Speed Control

Slow-motion and fast-paced editing techniques in videos have recently grown increasingly popular. With this new update, adjusting the pace of your videos is a breeze. Clicking the speed control button will create a menu where you can choose how fast or slow you want the movie to play.


You may now make your music videos with the help of fashionable filters and effects.

Higher Quality

HD video production is now within your reach with VivaCut. Being the first (and hopefully lasting) impression made on viewers, this video editor places a premium on high-quality video capture and playback. This app lets you produce films at up to 4K resolution so that you may relax about the quality of your productions.

Overlay and Blending Option

The VivaCut Mod APK also can mix and overlay videos. Hence, you may adjust the layers any way you like or need them for your film. Also, blending is a cool effect to play around with while editing videos. Burn, Multiply, Screen, Hard light, Soft light, etc., are just a few mixing modes at your disposal. The Mod version makes it simple to make use of these additions.

All Video Adjustments

In addition, adjusting videos is crucial during the editing process. You can edit seriously if you know what you’re doing with the video’s brightness, saturation, colour, contrast, temperature, etc.. In this updated edition, you can access every available video editing effect, allowing you to refine your films like an expert.

Removes Watermark

Since watermarks may be removed in this updated version, you can avoid editing your movie to remove them.

Premium Features Unlocked

To add style to your movies without spending a dime, you may utilize every transition, filter, effect, or glitch in this release.

Vivacut Mod Apk Pro download

App Name VivaCut APK PRO Video Editor
Publisher VivaCut
Size 108 MB
Latest Version 3.1.6
Root Required No
Installs 1700+
Required 5.0 and up
Genre Video Players
Developer VivaCut professional video editor
Update 1Day ago
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The Vivacut Pro video editing app is, without question, the greatest of its kind on the internet. It has many advanced features and tools you won’t find in competing applications. Because of this, hundreds of individuals have said they would suggest this app to a friend.

To that end, we provide the Vivacut Pro apk on our website for anyone who wants a full video editing studio. Use this cool app to create stunning videos for TikTok and Instagram. Please use the comment section below to express your opinions about this video editor.

Because of how intuitive it is, the Viva Cut editor has gained a large user base worldwide. VivaCut is an excellent editing app since it has all the standard editing capabilities plus some advanced ones. If you wish to produce your great video with VivaCut, you may download it from our website, where you can also leave your thoughts on VivaCut in the comments area.

If you want a quality and easy-to-use video editor for your phone, you should get this VivaCut Mod APK. Yet, you may edit your videos whatever you like with the help of the excellent mobile video editor app for Android. This app is the best since it includes every editing tool imaginable. You can easily edit movies without installing a tonne of another app. Now is the time to download a copy of VivaCut Mod that suits your needs.


Is Vivacut Pro Mod APK safe to download in the mod version?

Yes! You may safely update to the Vivacut Pro apk modded version without worrying about any problems or security holes.

How to get the pro version of the Vivacut app for free?

Download the mod version of the Vivacut video editing app instead of the paid version if you don’t want to pay the money.

Is it possible to get rid of the watermark in a Viva video?

Viva Cut does allow the watermark to be removed, though. The Viva Cut mod apk is freely available for download online.

How do you get complete unlocked premium tools for viva video?

Viva Cut mod apk is the only way to obtain the full, unlocked version of the app with all the premium features activated.

Does VivaCut Mod APK unlock all features?

The VivaCut Mod APK has almost all the functions and is free.

Is VivaCut Mod APK safe?

No harm will come to your device by using this updated app.

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